John Townsend
John TownsendPatrol Sergeant
John began his policing career in 2000 when he was hired by the Toronto Police Service. After 2 short years, Peterborough Lakefield Police Service offered him the opportunity to join their great service. John is currently a Patrol Sergeant assigned to B Platoon of the Peterborough Police Service.

John has been the co-chair of the Cops For Cancer committee since 2002 and in 2004 created the Pedal For Hope cycling tour.

John rides in memory of Trevor who lost his battle with cancer prior to the team kicking off it’s inaugural season in 2005. John currently rides for Destiny, Madison and Maci who continue to motivate him every day on and off the tour.

John is excited about how successful Pedal For Hope has become but he is always quick to tell people that the team could not have done it without the help of thousands of awesome students around Central Ontario. They are the true stars of this tour and he truly admires the efforts of the kids who are helping other kids in their communities.

John is always thankful of the continued support of his lovely wife Karen and his two amazing daughters, Amanda and Kaitlyn.

Marc Habgood
Marc HabgoodRetired Staff Sergeant
Marc Habgood joined the Peterborough Lakefield Police Service in 1985. Marc is currently enjoying his retirement after serving the community for more than 30 years.

Marc has been a dedicated supporter of Cops for Cancer since the mid ’90′s and is looking forward to another great year as a member of the Pedal For Hope Cycling Team.

Marc enjoys competing in area triathlons. He has run three marathons: Ottawa twice and Boston. Marc was also part of the National Ironcops team finishing the 2006 Ironman Canada Championship in Penticton, B.C.

Marc is riding with the Pedal For Hope team in support of Nathan and Danielle and in the memory of Graham Clarke.

Marc continues to be motivated by the fight and determination shown by “Cracker”. Marc is very appreciative of the support the team receives from sponsors and the family and special friends battling this terrible disease.

He also is very thankful for the support from his family for allowing the time commitments to support Pedal For Hope!

Keith Calderwood
Keith CalderwoodDetective Constable
Constable Keith Calderwood (Caldsy) has been a member with Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service and now the Peterborough Police Service since 2004, where he is assigned to Media Relations. Caldsy has been a member of Pedal for Hope since its inaugural season and still counts down the days to the beginning of each ride every year.

Caldsy enjoys spending time with his 2 children Emma and Drew. He is active in their sporting endeavors coaching both of their soccer teams as well as his sons Hockey team.
Caldsy decided to become a member of the Pedal for Hope Cycling team after he lost his dad (Robert) to Cancer in 1995.
The children who fight this fight have made me open my eyes further to this dreadful disease. They are the toughest kids I have ever met.
“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have”

Jay Clarke
Jay ClarkeDetective Constable
Constable Jay Clarke has served with the O.P.P. in Peterborough since 2005. He was a guest with the Pedal for Hope in 2012 and joins the Pedal for Hope team, full time in 2013. Jay enjoys keeping physically fit and participating in sports, especially Golf, Hockey, Baseball and Cycling.

He is looking forward to being part of the team and building friendships with the students and teachers that work so hard in supporting the fight against cancer. He challenges everyone to make this year another record breaking one!

John Druce
John Druce
John is the only member of the Pedal For Hope team who is not a police officer. He not only grew up in Peterborough , but played hockey with the Peterborough Petes from 1984-1986 and has been a member of the Pedal For Hope team since inception.

John was drafted into the NHL in 1985 and played 14 years of professional hockey.
He spent time playing with the Washington Capitals, Winnipeg Jets, Los Angeles Kings and played in the Stanley Cup finals with the Philadelphia Flyers in 1997.

Currently John is a financial advisor with Freedom 55 Financial. Today, instead of assisting his teammates on the ice, he focuses on helping families and businesses who work with him to achieve their goals and dreams

John is the proud father of two beautiful daughters and is an avid sports enthusiast.He enjoys golf, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and loves spending time cycling. Pedal For Hope is close to John’s heart as his daughter Courtney was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2004 and continues to valiantly fight her battle. The smiles on the kid’s faces say it all as the team rides into their schools. We know that we wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals without them on our team.

Grant Eastwood
Grant EastwoodConstable
Grant Eastwood has been a member of the Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service and now the Peterborough Police Service since 2004. Grant has recently been assigned as a Detective of the High Risk/Bail Management Unit of the Criminal Investigations Unit.

Soccer, Snowboarding, Golf, Mountain Biking and Weight Training are some the things that Grant enjoys doing during his time away from the tour.

His wife Andrea, and their two-year-old son Eli are proud supporters for Grant. In 2010, Grant joined the Pedal for Hope Team began to ride for his little buddy, Boden. Grant looks forward to the ride every year, as he strives to make a difference for the children currently battling the terrible disease.

Cancer has affected Grant’s life significantly, as he has lost close friends and a Grandfather to the disease. Grant’s Aunt is currently battling the disease and her battle is what gives Grant the strength and motivation to ride hard through the tour.

Mark Elliott
Mark ElliottPatrol Sergeant
Sergeant Mark “Ellmo” Elliott is in his 25th year of policing, all with the Peterborough Lakefield Police Service and now the Peterborough Police Service.

Mark has been involved in team sports/activities his entire life and has always enjoyed riding bicycles, so being a member of the Pedal For Hope team is a natural fit. As a police officer and a father, Mark recognizes his responsibility to the community he serves, and wants to do his part to make living with Cancer a distant memory.

Kirk Kelly
Kirk KellyConstable
Kirk has been a member of the Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service and now the Peterborough Police Service since 2007 and a proud member of the Pedal For Hope team since 2008.

Kirk is married to his lovely wife Amy and has two beautiful daughters, Ava and Adelaide. Everyone is affected by cancer and Kirk is hopeful that by being a small part of the cause, a cure will one day be found.

Kirk’s mother lost her battle with cancer on November 7th, 2005. Her determination, strength and courage are what motivates Kirk, not only in life but throughout the tour.

Lindsey Leonard
Lindsey LeonardDetective Constable
Detective Constable Lindsey Leonard has been a police officer with the Peterborough Lakefield Community Police and now the Peterborough Police Service since 2006. Lindsey enjoys sports and is a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan. Lindsey is excited to be a part of Pedal For Hope.
Dave McNab
Dave McNabRetired Constable
Dave recently retired from the O.P.P after a successful career in policing. He has ridden bicycles for years as a means of keeping fit and for recreation. Dave was thrilled when he was offered the opportunity to join the Pedal for Hope team and put this passion behind finding a cure and treatments for cancer.

Dave has always believed that compassion for others is not enough; we also need to recognize our responsibility and make a positive change in the lives of others. Dave has been thrilled to see such tremendous support from the businesses and individuals in the communities around us.

Pedal for Hope’s success would not be possible without that support. And of course, the children involved are the driving force behind Pedal for Hope. We couldn’t do it without you! See you on the tour.

Gary Pilling
Gary PillingConstable
Gary Pilling has been a police officer with the Peterborough Lakefield Police Service and now the Peterborough Police Service since 1999, where he is assigned to General Uniform Patrol. Gary enjoys playing hockey, golf, baseball and cycling. Gary also enjoys spending time with his wife, Sherrie Lynne and his two children, Nathan, and Breanna.

Gary had the opportunity to become Vice Chair of Cops For Cancer in 2000 and loved the chance to be involved in such a worthy cause. When the Pedal For Hope was born, Gary thought it was a great idea and it would be a new way to reach out to the communities that we have not been able to reach before. It is an awesome feeling to be welcomed into a school and get to interact in such a positive way with the students. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you meet these special friends and get to know them.They are truly an inspiration.

Jaymie Rye
Jaymie RyeConstable
Jaymie joined the Peterborough Lakefield Police Service and now the Peterborough Police Service in 2011. She rode with the Pedal for Hope team several times in 2014 and became a full-time member in 2015.
Jaymie enjoys competition and remains physically active by doing the things she loves the most; playing hockey, soccer, basketball, golfing, cycling, kayak fishing and camping.
Jaymie’s inspiration to help raise money and awareness for cancer research comes from her father (Donald) who lost his battle in 2012, after being diagnosed with Leukemia in 2009.

She challenges everyone to become involved in “the fight” this year by participating in an event or supporting someone who is, in hopes that some day there will be a cure!

Kyle Lloyd
Kyle LloydConstable
Detective Constable Kyle Lloyd has been a member of the Durham Regional Police Service since 2008, where he was previously assigned to the East Division Community Resource Unit Target Team. Kyle joined the Pedal for Hope in 2016.

Kyle continues to ride with the Pedal for Hope Team despite leaving his previous assignment as he has been impressed by the positive peer pressure displayed by the students at the various schools. In a day and age where self-image can appear to be paramount, these students show courage to shave their heads in support of family members and friends. Kyle would like to thank the other Pedal for Hope Team members for their devotion and enthusiasm to such a worthy cause.

Kyle rides in support of family members (father and brother) who have been successful in fighting their battle with cancer as well as numerous friends and co-workers currently battling the terrible disease. Also, he is riding in memory of the ones that have lost their battle.

Scott Gordon
Scott GordonActing Sergeant
Scott ‘Scooter’ Gordon began his policing career in 1998 when he was hired by the DRPS as a civilian. After 2 short years, Durham regional Police Service offered him the opportunity to work as a police officer . Scooter is currently assigned to East Division as an acting Sergeant.

Scooter is always excited to be a part of the Pedal For Hope team.

In his spare time Scooter enjoys time on the golf course, playing baseball and watching his son play golf and hockey.

Scooter has a very supportive family in his wife Amanda and his son Darroch.

Elaine Duguay
Elaine DuguayConstable
Elaine has been a police officer with the Durham Regional Police Service since 2002 and is currently assigned to the Community Resource Unit as a School Liaison Officer.

Elaine became involved with Pedal for Hope as a guest in 2014 and 2015 and became a full time member of the team in 2016. Elaine rides for Adam and Shyann and it is their strength that fuels her passion and commitment to the Pedal For Hope tour each year.

In her spare time when not cycling or policing in the schools, Elaine loves to be active, she spends her free time creating art and being ‘goofy’ with her daughters Zoe and Layla.

Elaine always rides in memory of their Bubbie, Cheri who is greatly missed.

Travis Mercer
Travis MercerConstable
Travis began his policing career in 2002 when he was hired by the Peel Regional Police Service. After two short years he applied to Durham Regional Police and was hired in April of 2004. Travis is currently assigned to the Durham Regional Police East Division CRU office serving as a School Liaison Officer.

Travis joined the Pedal for Hope team in 2015 alongside his co-workers from Durham Police. Travis enjoys spending time watching and participating with his two children in various sports that include hockey, golf, soccer, skiing and swimming just to name a few. Travis also enjoys long walks on the beach under a moonlit sky, reading science fiction novels and sitting on the dock in the early morning with a warm cup of coffee listening to the waves crash onto the shore.
Travis rides in support of all the children fighting cancer and would like to thank all the students who support the ride with their generous donations and smiling faces.

Steve Lawson
Steve LawsonRetired Staff Sergeant
Staff Sergeant Steve Lawson began his career with the Durham Regional Police in 1989 and retired in 2020. Steve is an avid cyclist and team member of the Durham Regional Police National Police Memorial cycling team and has led the team for several years. He has participated in the Ride to Conquer Cancer (Princess Margaret Hospital) event for 9 years after his wife Lisa was diagnosed with cancer and tragically lost her battle seven years ago. He has made it a goal in life to help find a cure and assist those battling cancer. No one, especially a child, should ever have to battle this disease.

In 2016 he was fortunate and honoured to become a member of the Pedal for Hope team and found that the energy the kids provide during these events as well as their compassionate dedication to helping raise funds was incredibly inspiring.

Steve enjoys spending time with his son Luke, as well as biking, kayaking, hiking, skiing, travelling and other healthy activities.

Bryan Noble
Bryan NobleSpecial Constable
Bryan was sworn in as a GO Transit/Metrolinx Special Constable in 2011 after spending 7 years as a surveillance operator in the casino industry. As an active member of the GO Transit/Metrolinx Security Division, he is one of only a handful of officers annually selected to join the Bike Patrol Unit during the summer months. Currently, he has been seconded to the Intelligence & Investigations Unit.

Bryan spends his free time riding for fitness and rides in many charity rides and granfondos across Ontario. For the past 4 years, Bryan has participated in the Canada Police Memorial Ride to Remember. The “Ride” is a 750 kilometre memorial bike tour that travels from the Ontario Police College in Aylmer to Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Bryan was honoured to become involved with Pedal for Hope as a guest in 2018 and was excited to ride again in 2019. He is always in awe of the support and enthusiasm shown by the kids that raise funds and participate in these school events.

Bryan rides for Riley, who has been fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia since 2016 and will complete his chemotherapy this fall. Bryan also rides for his father, who beat cancer, in memory of his uncle who lost his battle with the disease in 2013, and members of his extended family currently affected by cancer.

Dan Clark
Dan ClarkConstable
Constable Dan Clark started his policing career as a volunteer with Peterborough OPP Auxiliary in 2004, in 2007 Constable Clark joined the Peterborough County OPP full-time and has been a patrol officer working in Peterborough County since.

Constable Clark had always been involved in sports for fun and fitness. He has always been a supporter of the Pedal For Hope, prior to joining as a full-time rider on the team he was involved and would raise money with his kids at Edmison Heights Public School challenging students to fundraise for a great cause. Now in his 3rd year with the Pedal for Hope team, he rides for Eliza who is currently fighting cancer.

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.

Robert Nesta Marley


Children at participating schools contribute to fundraising efforts through a variety of events


Monies raised by Pedal for Hope are going directly to pediatric cancer research.


Teaching kids about other kids who are just like them but who are  living with cancer.


Pedal for Hope helps children with cancer know that they are not alone in their fight.


Pedal For Hope is a three week cycling tour delivering a message about kids living with cancer and supporting Pediatric Cancer Research.

In 2005, the Peterborough Chapter of Cops for Cancer took on a new identity. The Pedal for Hope Cycling Team was born and local children fighting cancer had a new support team behind them! Local police personnel, a retired N.H.L. hockey player and a great crew of support personnel have been dedicating time to this worthy cause. Starting in late April, the Pedal for Hope team cycles throughout Central Ontario visiting approximately 50 local schools delivering a message about kids living with cancer and raises funds for pediatric cancer research. As of now, Pedal for Hope has raised over $4 million dollars for pediatric cancer research.



As long as there are kids with cancer, none of us can truly rest. Change a child’s life today by

Donating or Volunteering.

You can help make a difference!