Constable Travis Mercer

head shave challenge.



Retired S/Sergeant Marc Habgood




Diana McDonald

St. Josephs Catholic Elementary School, Douro

Sam Cooper



Jocelyn Caley

St. Catherine Catholic Elementary School



Constable Dan Clarke

Braylen Earle

Caleb & Mackenzie Jowitt, & Nana

Yesterday marked the tenth year that my father, Robert (Corky) Swartman has passed from colon cancer. We have fundraised every year since then.  To date, the kids have reached their $10,000 goal in ten years in memory of their Papa.
As promised, Caleb read his speech and shaved his head. Mac cut her hair and will donate it. Their Nana, my Mother shaved her head as well to mark the ten years.

We are proud of all of their accomplishments.



Nathan Levec