Our Final Kilometer Ride & Community Event

This day is a special one for the team because it’s all about the kids we ride for. No matter how many kilometers we ride during the Pedal for Hope Tour, the last kilometer is always reserved just for them.

The team finishes up their cycling tour in the schools on the Friday afternoon but meets again Saturday morning to finish the tour with the kids. With a full police escort, sirens wailing, the team rides the final kilometer with the Pedal for Hope kids right beside them. Once the tour is officially completed the team enjoys the day with the kids and their families. 

Final Ride & Community Celebration

Details to be released shortly. Check back often for updates.


To register and start your pledge form, contact Arlene Godby at the Canadian Cancer Society 705-742-3823

or click here to Download the pledge form (PDF)

2017 Final Kilometer Ride Photos

2016 Final Kilometer Ride Photos

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.

Robert Nesta Marley


Children at participating schools contribute to fundraising efforts through a variety of events


Monies raised by Pedal for Hope are going directly to pediatric cancer research.


Teaching kids about other kids who are just like them but who are  living with cancer.


Pedal for Hope helps children with cancer know that they are not alone in their fight.


Pedal For Hope is a three week cycling tour delivering a message about kids living with cancer and supporting Pediatric Cancer Research.

In 2005, the Peterborough Chapter of Cops for Cancer took on a new identity. The Pedal for Hope Cycling Team was born and local children fighting cancer had a new support team behind them! Local police personnel, a retired N.H.L. hockey player and a great crew of support personnel have been dedicating time to this worthy cause. Starting in late April, the Pedal for Hope team cycles throughout Central Ontario visiting approximately 50 local schools delivering a message about kids living with cancer and raises funds for pediatric cancer research. As of now, Pedal for Hope has raised over $4 million dollars for pediatric cancer research.



As long as there are kids with cancer, none of us can truly rest. Change a child’s life today by

Donating or Volunteering.

You can help make a difference!